Lord StewartbyFriday June 28 at the British Academy, Lord Stewartby – the Numismatic Legacy.

The 2019 Summer meeting is being held at the British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, on Friday 28 June. This all day Symposium will consider the academic legacy of Lord Stewartby (1935-2018), a distinguished member of the Society.

Lord Stewartby was among the leading figures in British numismatic scholarship in the second half of the twentieth century. He published over two hundred papers and was a major contributor both to the development of what became the Medieval European Coinage publication project at Cambridge and other widely regarded publications. His interests ranged across the Romano-British coinage of the London mint, Anglo-Saxon and Viking coinage, mediaeval English coinage as well as Scottish coinage, the latter being a field in which he was pre-eminent both as a collector and as a scholar. 

This Symposium, sponsored by the British and Royal Numismatic Societies and the British Academy’s Sylloge of Coinage of the British Isles committee, will comprise a series of papers by leading figures who place the use of numismatic evidence at the forefront of historical and archaeological interpretation. Structured around topics with which Lord Stewartby was deeply engaged it will explore recent work which builds on his contributions to Numismatic scholarship. 

Comprising four themed sessions it will cover

  • Britain c.300-400 AD, Coinage and Continental Connections
  • Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Viking England, c.800-1100, Money, Mints and Monarchs
  • The British Isles.c.100-1150, Coinage, Management and Circulation
  • Scottish Coinage, c.1140-1707, Interpretation and resources

The event runs from 0930 - 17.15. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.

Booking is Required for all wishing to attend

Cost: £25 per person. Students in Full time Education - FREE

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Welcome and Opening Comments 

Session 1 –Britain c. 300-800 AD 

Lee Toone: The London Mint of the Tetrarchy (Romano-British)

Dr. Rory Naismith: The North Sea world

Session 2 – Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Viking, c.800-1100. - The Birth of England -Money, Mints and Monarchs 

Opening comment: Dr Stewart Lyon

Hugh Pagan: Coinage in Southern and Midland England after 939 : some thoughts and suggestions

Johanne Porter. University of East Anglia: The Anglo-Viking Coinage of East Anglia: Reflections on the St Edmund Series 

Session 3 – The British Isles, c.1100-1550. Coinage, Management and Circulation 

Dr Martin Allen, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge: Coinage in the British Isles: some new discoveries 

Dr Murray Andrews, University College, London: Hoarding medieval coins: new insights from archaeology

Session 4 - Scottish Coinage, c.1140-1707. Interpretation and Resources 

Nick Holmes, Research Associate, National Museum of Scotland: The recording and interpretation of Scottish Mediaeval coin hoards 

Andrew Burnett, The British Museum: Before Ian Stewartby - Numismatists in Scotland, 1600-1750

Dr Donal Bateson FSA, The Hunterian Museum, the University of Glasgow: The Lord Stewartby Collection of Scottish Coins

William MacKay FSA: Publication of the Lord Stewartby Collection; an Update 

Panel Discussion: After Lord Stewartby, looking to the future – key areas emerging for scholarship

Closing Comments 

Stewartby family