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Linecar Lecture

The Society’s Linecar Lecture, named after Howard Linecar (1912-1985), is delivered every second year, usually at the October meeting. The invited lecturer is generally a distinguished scholar from some associated field of history or archaeology, who may see numismatics from a different perspective.

Howard Linecar was a well-known figure whose books on coin collecting did much to promote numismatics to a wide audience. He was head of the Book Department at Spink & Sons, editor of the Numismatic Circular and some-time President of the British Association of Numismatic Societies.

The Linecar Lecture is financed by the Linecar Fund.

Previous Linecar Lecturers

1988   Dr Ian Stewart, ‘English numismatics, progress and prospects’

1990   Prof. H R Loyn, ‘Numismatics and the medieval historian: a comment on recent contributions to the history of England, c.871-1154’

1992   A D Garrett, ‘The Royal Mint: a pursuit of technical and artistic excellence’

1995   Sir Conrad Swan, ‘Ars Heraldica in Metallo’

1997   Prof. Christopher Dyer, ‘Peasants and coins: the uses of money in the later Middle Ages’

1999   Prof. Glyn Davies, ‘The single currency in historical perspective’

2001   Prof. James Graham-Campbell, ‘The Danelaw and its dual economy’

2003   Prof. Peter Mathias, ‘Official and unofficial money in the eighteenth century; the evolving use of coinage’

2005   Prof. Barry Cunliff, ‘Boundaries and territories in late Iron Age Britain: evidence from coins’

2007   Prof. Simon Keynes, ‘History and coinage in the reign of King Æthelred the Unready’

2009   Dr Jim Bolton, ‘How to survive monetary deflation, credit crunches and a great slump: some lessons from the later Middle Ages’

2011   Dr Richard Reece, ‘Not Lost For Ever: Understanding Roman Coin Finds over the Past Fifty Years’

2013   Professor Julian Hoppit, ‘Economical reform and the Mint in the late eighteenth century’