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Presentation of the Jeffrey North Medal for Service

(Left to right) Paul Withers, Bente Withers and Keith SugdenThe Society is proud to announce the presentation of two Jeffrey North Medals for Services at its May 2010 meeting. The recipients of the medals are:

Paul & Bente Withers

Since the early 1970s Paul and Bente Withers had played a leading role in research and publication in many different fields of British numismatics, including tokens, small change, coin weights and commemorative medals. They have printed, designed or done the photography for innumerable publications on these subjects, providing the held and encouragement needed to ensure that the work of specialists achieves publication. In their professional capacity as dealers Paul and Bente have systematically assembled reference collections as a resource for research, and they have often shown generosity in making some of this material available to museums and specialists.

Keith Sugden

Keith Sugden has been a prominent feature of the UK numismatic scene for approximately forty years. As curator of the important numismatic holdings of the Manchester Museum, he has ensured that the collection is well housed and accessible to numismatists. Some ten years ago, calling in favours from his many friends in the numismatic world, he created an excellent new Money Gallery in the museum. All this has been a duty that he has undertaken part time having been for many years (until taking early retirement) a lecturer in accountancy at the University of Manchester. But he is best known for his support of the British Association of Numismatic Societies, of which he has been President, Secretary and is currently one of the honorary Vice Presidents. Since January 2000 he has in addition been a very efficient secretary of the UK Numismatic Trust, a post which since November 2003 he has combined with that of Treasurer. At both local and national level, his contribution to numismatics in the UK over an extended period has been immense.