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Centenary Medal (2003)

Image of silver Centenary MedalIn 2003 the British Numismatic Society celebrated its centenary and to mark this auspicious occasion in its history a special medal has been commissioned by the Society and produced by the Royal Mint. Designed by the accomplished artist Danuta Solowiej-Wedderburn, the medal, in a visually exciting way, seeks to capture the act of studying coins.

The figure of Britannia, prominent from the start as a symbol of the Society, appears on the reverse seen through a magnifying glass set against a coin tray and this is complemented by the concentrated study that is implied by the depiction of the eye on the obverse. The medal, in its presentation case, is avaliable in toned bronze and toned silver and the prices quoted below include postage and packing. Proceeds from sales of the medal will help to fund the centenary celebrations.

Specimens of the medal are still available.




Image of bronze Centenary Medal

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Silver Medal       £49.95
Bronze Medal     £39.95

Cheques should be made payable to the British Numismatic Society and sent to the above address.