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Funds & Grants

Prize Fund

Blunt Prize MedalThis fund was established in 2005 to support the John Sanford Saltus Medal, the Blunt Prize and any other award the Society might introduce in the future. It was established in 2005 through a general appeal launched by the President which raised £8,300.

Linecar Fund

The Linecar Fund was established in 1986 with a bequest from Mr Howard Linecar (1912-1985). It endows a biennial Linecar Lecture in his memory. The invited lecturer is generally a distinguished scholar from some associated field of history or archaeology, who may see numismatics from a different perspective. A fee of £500 is paid to the lecturer on delivery of a manuscript for publication in the British Numismatic Journal.

North Fund

The North Fund was established in 2006 with a donation from Mr Jeffrey North (b.1920). The Council has decided to use part of the fund to support the North Book Prize and the remainder for other purposes yet to be determined.

Osborne Fund

Started in 1991 with a bequest from Mr B R Osborne (1913-1990), this fund has been directed to support the Society’s Special Publications series.

Benefactors' Fund

The Benefactors' Fund consists of bequests and gifts to the Society, notably ones from Helen Frizzell (1940-1990) and Wilfred Slayter (1915-1993). The fund has been used to support special activities and events, in particular the Society’s centenary celebrations in 2003.

Grants from the UK Numismatic Trust

The UK Numismatic Trust (a registered charity) was set jointly up by the British Numismatic Society and the Royal Numismatic Society in 1985 to encourage, support and develop numismatics in the United Kingdom. It does this through the award of small research grants, and by supporting numismatic conferences, colloquia and seminars in the UK.

The Trust currently has £1,500 available to distribute in grants for British-based numismatic research or research in the field of British numismatics and for conferences etc. held in the UK. The maximum individual grant that will be awarded is £500, though grants are likely to be rather less, in order to accommodate a greater number of projects.

Researchers and conference organisers should contact the Secretary of the Trust at the following address to request a grant application form:

Dr Keith Sugden,
Dept. of Numismatics, Manchester Museum,
Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL

Tel: 0161-275-2661.