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Jeffrey North Medal for Services to British Numismatics

North Medal for Services (obverse) In 2008 the Jeffrey North Medal for exceptional services to British Numismatics was instituted. The new medal was designed by Nicola Moss, in a form which imaginatively represents the concept of service combined with numismatic symbols. The first four medals were awarded in November 2008 and the next two medals in May 2010 .North Medal for Services (reverse)

2008   Joe Bispham

2008   Michael Bonser

2008   Charles Farthing

2008   Tony Holmes

2010   Keith Sugden

2010   Paul & Bente Withers

The regulations for the medal can be downloaded here.

Slayter medal Reverse

Other Medals for Services to the Society or Numismatics

From time to time the Society had previously awarded specially inscribed medals to members in recognition of exceptional service to the Society or to British Numismatics.

1990  Wilfred Slayter, Secretary 1962-90 (special portrait medal)

1991  Robert Elderton, designer of the Slayter Medal (silver Membership Medal)

Slayter Medal Obverse1991  John Lobban, designer of the Membership Medal (silver Membership Medal)

1998  R A Merson, Honorary Auditor from 1987 (silver Membership Medal)

2003   Prof. David Brown (silver Centenary Medal)

2003   Prof. Peter Gaspar (silver Centenary Medal)

2003   Marvin Lessen (silver Centenary Medal)

2003   Harrington E Manville (silver Centenary Medal)