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Membership Medal

The Society’s Membership Medal, designed by John Lobban and struck at the Royal Mint, was produced in 1990. It shows a stylised Britannia on the obverse, and on the reverse an impudent magpie stealing from an open draw of coins.

It is available in bronze and silver. The bronze version may be ordered by any member, while the silver version may be ordered only by those who have completed 25 years or more of membership. All medals are personalised on the edge with the name of the member and the year of election to the Society. Price in bronze £29.50 and silver £65.

For orders

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Dr Kevin Clancy
Royal Mint Museum
Royal Mint
Pontyclun CF72 8YT

By telephone

01443 623005

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Kevin Clancy 


Silver Medal       £65.00
Bronze Medal     £29.50

Cheques should be made payable to the British Numismatic Society and sent to the above address.