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Sanford Saltus Gold Medal


1. The obverse of the medal shall bear a device representing Britannia on the seashore, surrounded by the legend THE BRITISH NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. The reverse shall bear the legend THE JOHN SANFORD SALTUS MEDAL AWARDED TO . . . . . . . . FOR SCHOLARLY CONTRIBUTIONS TO BRITISH NUMISMATICS . . . . . . (the name of the recipient and date of the award being engraved in spaces left for that purpose).

2. In case such device and legend, other than the name of Mr John Sanford Saltus, shall from constitutional changes or other unforeseen circumstances become inappropriate or obsolete, they may be changed or varied by resolution of the Society’s Council.

3. The John Sanford Saltus Medal shall normally be awarded every third year.

4. The medal shall be awarded to the person, being a member of the Society or not, who shall receive the highest number of votes from the Members as having in their opinion made the scholarly contribution to British numismatics most deserving of such recognition, as evidenced by published work or works, whether in the British Numismatic Journal or elsewhere.

5. A successful candidate shall not again be eligible for the award.

6. The award shall be by ballot, and a form for this purpose shall be sent out together with the voting papers for the election of President, Officers and Council, and shall be returnable and counted with them at the Anniversary Meeting in each year in which the medal is to be awarded. Such a form shall include the words ‘I vote for the award of the John Sanford Saltus Medal to . . . ’, with a space left for the Member’s signature. It shall also contain the names of those previous recipients who are therefore no longer eligible for the award.

7. Council, acting on the advice of a committee of such disinterested persons (normally being previous recipients of the medal) as in its absolute discretion it shall have appointed for the purpose, shall on every such occasion distribute to Members a list of such persons who are considered as particularly well-qualified for the award, together with a note of their principal publication or publications relating to British numismatics. Council shall also advise Members that publications of joint authorship should be considered as part of the total contribution by any of the individuals concerned, but should not by themselves be regarded as sufficient to qualify those individuals for the award.

8. Any canvassing by or on behalf of a candidate shall render his or her success inoperative, and the decision of Council shall be absolute on this head, nor need Council express any reasons for such a decision.

9. The result of the ballot shall be announced by the President or Chairman at the Anniversary Meeting in the year concerned.

10. The medal shall, if circumstances permit, be presented by the President or chairman to the successful candidate in person at a subsequent Ordinary or Anniversary Meeting of the Society. On this occasion he shall use the formula ‘You have been awarded the John Sanford Saltus Medal of the British Numismatic Society for the year . . . , by the vote of the Members of the British Numismatic Society, for your scholarly contributions to British numismatics’.

11. Council may in exceptional circumstances propose to Members that a special award of the medal be made to a distinguished scholar whose work has had an important bearing on the study of British numismatics.

12. The foregoing rules shall, so far as is possible, evolve with and upon any constitutional changes in the Society, but it shall be open to the Society’s Council to make such alterations to them, or authorise such temporary procedural variations, as shall from time to time be required.