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1906 (Vol. 3)

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Contents v-xi
Bernard Roth A find of Ancient British coins at South Ferriby, near Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire 1-15
William Sharp Ogden A find of Roman bronze coins on the Little Orme’s Head, North Wales 17-58
Nathan Heywood The kingdom and coins of Burgred 59-66
Alfred Anscombe The inscription on the Oxford pennies of the OHSNAFORDA type 67-100
L. A. Lawrence A remarkable penny of King Alfred 101-106
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton Cornish numismatics 107-116
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A numismatic history of the reigns of William I and II (1066-1100), Part II: The histories of the mints’ 117-172
H. W. Morrieson The busts of James I on his silver coinage 173-179
A. E. Weightman The royal farthing tokens. Part I, 1613-1636 181-217
William Sharp Ogden A note on the “St Patrick’s pence 219-222
Philip Nelson Some notes on the great recoinage of William III, 1695-1699 223-228
Helen Farquhar Patterns and medals bearing the legend IACOBVS III or IACOBVS VIII 229-270
S. H. Hamer Notes on the private tokens, their issuers and die-sinkers 271-279
L. A. Lawrence Forgery in relation to numismatics 281-290
H. Alexander Parsons Art and the coins of England 291-310
William Charlton Leather currency 311-328
G. M. Fraser Treasure trove in the north of Scotland 329-335
J. Charles Cox A note on coin clippings and church plate in Derbyshire 337-337
Review: George C. Macdonald., A recent find of Roman coins in Scotland 339-
Review: John Evans., Rare or unpublished coins of Carausius 340-
Review: G. F. Hill., Roman coins found at Croydon 341-
Review: P. Carlyon-Britton., Edward the Confessor and his coins 342-343
Review: H. A. Grueber., A find of coins of Stephen and Henry II 344-348
Review: George Macdonald., A hoard of Edward pennies found at Lochmaben 349-
Review: L. A. Lawrence, The coinage of Henry IV 350-
Review: Frederik A. Walters., The coinage of Henry IV 351-
Review: Lionel M. Hewlett., Anglo-Gallic coins 352-
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 353-
Proceedings: Officers and Council 355-392
Report of the Council 393-407
Income and Expenditure 408-
List of Members 409-426
Index 427-484