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1909 (Vol. 6)

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Henry Laver The Coinage of Prasutagus, King of the Icenians 1-3
W. Sharp Ogden A Find of Roman Bronze Coins on the Little Orme's Head, North Wales 5-12
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton "Uncertain" Anglo-Saxon Mints and Some New Attributions 13-47
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton The Winchcombe Mint 49-54
Bernard Roth The Coins of the Danish Kings of Ireland. Hiberno-Danish Series. 55-146
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A Numismatic History of the Reigns of William I and II (1066-1100). Part II 147-176
W. J. Andrew A Numismatic History of the Reign of King Stephen, A.D. 1135-1154 177-190
Shirley Fox Die-Making in the Twelfth-Century 191-196
H. B. Earle Fox and Shirely Fox Numismatic History of the Reigns of Edward I., II., and III 197-212
Contents -
Helen Farquhar Portraiture of Our Stuart Monarchs on their Coins and Medals. Part II: James II 213-285
L. A. Lawrence Coin Weights 287-303
William C. Wells Seventeenth-Century Tokens of Northamptonshire 305-355
Proceedings 1909 (Title Pages) 357-357
Officers and Council 1909 359-360
Proceedings 1909 361-383
Anniversary Meeting 30th November 1909 384-394
Income and Expenditure Account, 1909 395-395
List of Members 397-415
Index 417-455