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1911 (Vol. 8)

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Contents v-viii
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton Attribution of the Ancient British coins inscribed DIAS or DEAS 1-7
Alfred Anscombe The names of Old-English mint-towns: [their] original form and meaning and their epigraphical corruption 9-48
Lord Grantley Saint Cuthbert’s pennies 49-53
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A penny of Æthelred, sub-regulus of Mercia, son-in-law of Ælfred the Great 55-59
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A numismatic history of the reigns of William I and II (1066-1100), Part II: The histories of the mints. [Lincolnshire - Middlesex] 61-81
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A penny of Llywelyn, son of Cadwgan, of the type of the second issue of William Rufus 83-86
W. J. Andrew A numismatic history of the reign of Stephen A.D. 1135-1154 87-136
H. B. Earle Fox and J. S. Shirley-Fox Numismatic history of the reigns of Edward I, II and III. 1282-1300 137-148
L. A. Lawrence find of late Plantagenet groats 149-178
Henry Symonds The coinage of Queen Mary Tudor, 1553-1558, illustrated from the Public Records 179-201
Henry Symonds A glance inside the mint of Aberystwyth in the reign of Charles I 203-206
Helen Farquhar Portraiture of our Stuart monarchs on their coins and medals, Part IV: William III 207-273
William J. Freer Medals and campaigns of the 43rd Foot, now 1st Battalion of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 275-301
William C. Wells Seventeenth-century tokens of Northamptonshire 303-360
J. B. S. MacIlwaine Notes on some discoveries of coins in Ireland 361-364
Alfred Chitty The Australian gold coins struck at the Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth Mints 365-368
Proceedings of the British Numismatics Society Session 1911 369-401
List of Members 403-420
Index 421-455