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1913-1914 (Vol. 10)

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Contents v-viii
H. Alexander Parsons The coins of Æthelred I of Northumbria 1-8
Alfred Anscombe The names of Old-English mint-towns: [their] original form and meaning and their epigraphical corruption. II. The names of Old-English mint towns which occur in the Saxon Chronicles 9-31
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A numismatic history of the reigns of William I and II (1066-1100), Part II: the histories of the mints. [Notts.-Oxfordshire] 33-41
W. J. Andrew A numismatic history of the reign of Stephen A.D. 1135-1154 43-67
L. A. Lawrence The Long Cross coinage of Henry III and Edward 69-93
H. B. Earle Fox and J. S. Shirley-Fox Numismatic history of the reigns of Edward I, II and III. 1307 to 1344 95-123
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton The earliest noble of Richard II 125-126
Henry Symonds The documentary evidence for the English royal coinages of Henry VII and Henry VIII 127-171
H. M. Morgan Notes on the mint at Aberystwith in the reign of Charles I 173-179
H. W. Morrieson The coinage of Aberystwyth, 1637-42 181-197
Helen Farquhar Portraiture of our Stuart monarchs on their coins and medals. Part VI: Anne 199-266
Frank E. Burton The 45th: 1st Nottinghamshire Regiment, “The Sherwood Foresters”, their honours and medals’, 267-304
Charles Winter A unique naval relic of 1742: the Callis medal 305-306
Charles Winter An interesting group of decorations of the Peninsular War 307-
J. B. S. MacIlwaine Notes on some Irish coins found at Trim 309-312
J. B. S. MacIlwaine A find of English half-groats of Henry VII in the county of Wicklow 313-314
Grant R. Francis A find of English coins of the Tudor and Stuart periods in the county of Wexford 315-318
William C. Wells Seventeenth-century tokens of Northamptonshire 319-324
William C. Wells A Washington token 325-329
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Session 1913 333-361
Cataogue of Books in the Library 363-371
Lists of Members 373-392
Serial Summary 393-402
Index to Volume X 403-431