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1915 (Vol. 11)

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Contents v-viii
Nathan Heywood A find of Anglo-Saxon stycas at Lancaster 1-2
H. Alexander Parsons Some coins of Sigtuna inscribed with the names of Æthelred, Cnut, and Harthacnut 3-19
H. Alexander Parsons The Anglo-Saxon coins of Harthacnut 21-55
L. A. Lawrence The Short Cross coinage, 1180 to 1247 59-100
L. A. Lawrence The Long Cross coinage of Henry III and Edward I 101-109
Henry Symonds The English coinages of Edward VI 123-167
F. P. Barnard Petition “for the restoring of farthing tokens 169-181
Philip Nelson The gold coins issued from the mint at Oxford, 1642-1646, in the reign of Charles I 183-206
W. J. Andrew Contemporary evidence against the attribution of obsidional money to isolated fortresses in the time of Charles I 207-214
Henry Symonds Seventeenth-century Tokens of Northamptonshire'. A note on Lamport or Langport 215-218
Helen Farquhar Portraiture of our Stuart monarchs on their coins and medals. Part VII: Anne continued 219-287
William J. Freer The Thirty-Eighth Regiment of Foot, now the First Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment 289-316
J. B. S. MacIlwaine A note on the “Blacksmith’s” or Kilkenny halfcrowns of Charles I 317-318
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Session 1914 321-353
The Rules of the British Numismatic Society 355-372
Rules for the John Sanford Saltus Medal 373-377
Lists of Members 379-395