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1916 (Vol. 12)

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Contents v-vii
H. Alexander Parsons The coins of Archbishop Eanbald II of York 1-14
Raymond C. Carlyon-Britton hoard of coins of William the Conqueror found in a trench in the war area 15-32
F. A. Walters A coin of Prince Henry of Scotland as Earl of Carlisle in the reign of Stephen 33-37
Helen Farquhar Royal charities. Part I: angels as healing-pieces for the king's evil 39-135
H. W. Morrieson The silver coins of Edward VI 137-180
Grant R. Francis Silver coins of the Tower Mint of Charles I. Chapter I 181-194
H. W. Morrieson The coins of the Shrewsbury mint, 1642 195-211
H. W. Morrieson A Granby medal 213-215
Charles Winter The gold collars, medals and crosses granted to British officers by the Crown of Portugal in the Peninsular War 217-233
A. A. Payne Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Bruntonís Portuguese decorations for the Peninsular War 235-240
Charles Winter Relics of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Lloyd of the Ninety-Fourth Regiment (now the Second Battalion the Connaught Rangers)í, 214-246
Charles Winter Waterloo medals 247-250
Charles Winter The Royal Irish Regiment 251-257
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Session 1915 261-295
Lists of Members 297-312
Index to Volume XII 313-337