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1918 (Vol. 14)

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Contents v-vii
Alfred Anscombe Odilo, a Northumbrian moneyer of the ninth century, and his issues 1-12
L. A. Lawrence On the first coinage of Henry II 13-37
Lord Grantley and L. A. Lawrence On a find of French deniers and English pennies of the twelfth century. [found in Rome] 39-46
L. A. Lawrence On the Ribe hoard 47-48
L. A. Lawrence On a portion of a set of silver counters exhibiting London criers and their cries 49-55
Grant R. Francis Silver coins of the Tower Mint of Charles I. Chapter III 57-85
H. W. Morrieson The coins of the Shrewsbury mint, 1642 87-88
Helen Farquhar Royal charities. Part III (continuation of) touchpieces for the king's evil. James II to William III. 89-120
H. W. Morrieson The centenary of our modern coinage instituted in February, 1817, and the issues which preceded it in George IIIís reign 121-149
Ella Pierrepont Barnard Examples of engraved coins selected from a collection formed by Mrs. Ella Pierrepont Barnard 151-198
J. H. Leslie Note on Lieut.-Colonel R. Bruntonís alleged right to the Portuguese Commanderís Star 199-200
A. A. Payne Note on Lieut.Colonel R. Bruntonís ďalleged rightĒ to the Portuguese Commanderís Star 201-204
William Martin London as illustrated upon the great seals, upon medals, and in allied engravings 205-217
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society Session 1917 221-251
Lists of Members 253-268
Index to Volume XIV 269-289