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1919-20 (Vol. 15)

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Contents v-vi
H. Alexander Parsons The coins of Harold I 1-48
H. Alexander Parsons The prototype of the first coinage of William the Conqueror 49-56
P. W. P. Carlyon-Britton A remarkable penny of Henry II 57-59
W. J. Andrew Two tragedies, a mediŠval charm, and a note on the mint of Rhuddlan 61-72
Raymond Carlyon-Britton Halfpennies and farthings of Henry VIII 73-77
Grant R. Francis Silver coins of the Tower Mint of Charles I. Chapter IV 79-116
H. W. Morrieson A review of the coinage of Charles II 117-139
Helen Farquhar Royal charities. Part IV (conclusion of) Touchpiece's for the king's evil 141-184
F. Willson Yeates The coinage of Ireland during the Rebellion, 1641-1652 185-223
H. Alexander Parsons A cut New England threepence attributed to the Leeward Islands 225-227
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1918-19-20 235-329
Lists of Members 331-345
Index to Volume VX 347-379