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1934-37 (Vol. 22)

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Author Title Pages
Contents v-vii
H. Alexander Parsons Remarks on the silver coinage of Henry VI 1-16
Francis Gardener Some notes on Australian currencies 17-27
W. J. Andrew The die for Stephen’s coinage in the Guildhall Museum, and secondary evidence there of an unpublished penny of Henry I 29-34
William C. Wells The Stamford and Peterborough mints. Part I 35-77
WM. C. Wells Notes on the long-cross coinage of Henry III, 1247-1250 79-107
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, Sessions 1934 and 1935 109-163
Lists of Members (1935) 165-173
Derek Allen Northumbrian pennies of the tenth century 175-186
C. A. Whitton A note on the East Raynham hoard 187-188
Derek Allen A fourteenth-century coin weight 189-190
J. S. Shirley-Fox An unpublished halfpenny of John Baliol 191-191
Christopher Blunt Some notes on the coinage of Edward IV between 1461 and 1470, with particular reference to the nobles and angels 193-199
F. O. Arnold A coinage of Edward V 201-211
Christopher Blunt The coinage of Edward V with some remarks on the later issues of Edward IV 213-225
R. C. Lockett Notes on the mints of Truro and Exeter under Charles I 227-244
Leopold A. Vidler A numismatic history of Rye 247-256
H. Alexander Parsons Coins and tokens of the British possessions overseas: some unpublished varieties 257-268
M. H. Grant British medals since 1760 269-293
Reviews 295-299
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, Sessions 1936 and 1937 301-355
Lists of Members (1937) 357-401