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1942-44 (Vol. 24)

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Author Title Pages
Contents ii-iv
Horace H. King The Steyning mint 1-7
T. M. Turner Pennies of the Colchester mint 8-21
C. E. Blunt The heavy gold coinage of Henry IV 22-27
Raymond Carlyon-Britton On some early silver coins of Henry VII 28-35
C. A. Whitton Some aspects of the English currency in the later Middle Ages 36-46
Miscellanea: a find of coins of Eadred, Eadwig, and Edgar at Chester 47-55
Philip G. Laver Obituaries 56-57
Review 58-
Proceedings of the Society 1941 59-67
William C. Wells The Stamford and Peterborough mints Part III (continued from Vol. XXIII) 69-109
C. A. Whitton A note on the post-treaty noblesof Edward III 110-112
An exhibition of coins of Henry VIII 113-117
The heavy coinage of Henry VI (aggenda and corrigenda to B.N.J. Vol. XXIII) 118-119
F. O. Arnold Half-sovereigns and double crowns 120-126
Obituary 127-128
Proceedings of the Society 1942 129-143
William C. Wells The Stamford and Peterborough mints (continued) Cnut, A.D. 1016-35 145-174
C. A. Whitton Die links between Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III 175-178
E. J. Winstanley The angels and groats of Richard III 179-189
The “Edward Royall” of Edward VI 190-
D. F. Allen The coinage of Cromwell and its imitations 190-194
P. L. Gentilhomme The circulation of sceats in Merovingian Gaul 195-210
Obituary 211-
Proceedings of the Society 1943-4 212-225
Index to Volume XXIV 226-228