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1960-61 (Vol. 30)

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Contents -
H. de S. Shortt A new Durotrigic hoard from Godshill, Hampshire 1-5
S. E. Rigold The two primary series of sceattas 6-53
V. J. Butler and R. H. M. Dolley Two die-links relative to the Anglo-Saxon mint at Northampton 54-56
R. H. M. Dolley The mythical “helmet”/”long cross” mules of Æthelræd II 57-60
F. Elmore Jones The mint of Axbridge 61-69
R. H. M. Dolley A note on the Anglo-Saxon mint of Reading 70-75
R. H. M. Dolley A small parcel of pennies of the Confessor from the Sedlescombe find 76-81
J. S. Forbes and D. B. Dalladay Composition of English silver coins (870-1300) 82-87
D. M. Metcalf Some finds of medieval coins from Scotland and the north of England 88-123
W. J. W. Potter The silver coinages of Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V. Part II: Henry IV 124-150
D. G. Liddell and P. A. Rayner Charles I Truro/Exeter half-crowns 151-158
S. A. H. Whetmore Some further notes on Thomas Simon 159-173
R. N. P. Hawkins Minor products of nineteenth-century diesinking 174-187
Miscellanea 188-211
Peter Spufford Some hoard evidence from a nineteenth-century collection 213-216
R. H. M. Dolley and V. J. Butler Some “Northern” variants etc. of the “crux” issue of Æthelræd II 217-220
V. J. Butler Some misread moneyers of London in the reign of Æthelræd II 221-226
R. H. M. Dolley An apparently unrecorded class of Hiberno-Norse imitation of the coinage of Æthelræd II 227-230
R. H. M. Dolley Some further critical die-links in the Hiberno-Norse series 231-234
C. S. S. Lyon, G. van der Meer and R. H. M. Dolley Some Scandinavian coins in the names of Æthelræd, Cnut, and Harthacnut attributed by Hildebrand to English mints 235-251
L. O. Lagerqvist and R. H. M. Dolley The problem of the “fleur-de-lis” sceptre on the Sigtuna coins of Cnut 252-261
W. J. W. Potter and E. J. Winstanley The coinage of Henry VII 262-301
H. Schneider The tower gold of Charles I. Part IV 302-330
W. A. Seaby Five seventeenth-century coin hoards from Ulster 331-343
W. A. Seaby Two gold coin hoards from northern Ireland 344-345
C. Wilson Peck Photography of coins in monochrome and colour on 35mm. film 348-359
Miscellanea 360-368
Reviews 369-373
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1961 374-377
Presidential Address 378-384
List of Members 1962 385-391
Index 392-395
Series Summary Index Vols. XXI-XXX (1931-1961) 396-417