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1962 (Vol. 31)

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Author Title Pages
Contents iii-iv
D. F. Allen The Haslemere hoard 1-7
Grierson The authenticity of the York “thrymsas 8-10
H. G. Pagan and N. G. Rhodes Anglo-Saxon coins in the Westminster School collection 11-26
B. H. I. H. Stewart Moneta and Mot on Anglo-Saxon coins 27-42
C. E. Blunt Two Anglo-Saxon notes: [1] The coinage of Æthelred, Archbishop of Canterbury 43-44
C. S. S. Lyon Two notes on the “last small cross” type of Æthelræd II: I. A late variety from the London mint; II. A second die-link between the mints “Gothaburh” and Exeter 49-52
R. H. M. Dolley Two Anglo-Saxon notes: [1] A Cnut die-link between the mints of Salisbury and Wilton 53-54
D. Sellwood Medieval minting techniques 57-65
F. Elmore Jones Four Anglo-Saxon, Norman and Plantagenet notes: [1] The mysterious mint of “DERNT" 66-72
R. H. M. Dolley The 1962 Llantrithyd treasure trove and some thoughts on the first Norman coinage of Wales 74-79
G. L. V. Tatler and B. H. I. H. Steward Edwardian sterlings in the Montrave hoard 80-87
Frank Purvey The pence, half-pence and farthings of Richard II, of the mints of London, York and Durham 88-108
W. J. W. Potter and E. J. Winstanley The coinage of Henry VII. Chapter VI. 109-124
W. J. W. Potter The coinage of Edward VI in his own name. Part I: Second period, January 1549 to October 1551 125-137
Oliver Cresswell A re-examination of a gold medal awarded to Major Rogers for valorous services in 1690 138-151
S. A. H. Whetmore The Castle Comer Colliery token 152-158
Miscellanea 159-166
Reviews 167-168
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1962 169-173
Presidential Address 1962 174-181
List of Members 1963 182-188
Index 189-190