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1964 (Vol. 33)

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D. F. Allen Celtic coins from the Romano-British temple at Harlow, Essex 1-6
M. A. O'Donovan The Vatican hoard of Anglo-Saxon pennies 7-29
R. H. M. Dolley A probable fourth Kentish mint of Æthelstan 30-33
R. H. M. Dolley A small parcel of First Hand pennies of Æthelræd II from the 1863 Ipswich hoard 34-38
R. H. M. Dolley and E. J. E. Pirie The repercussions on Chester’s prosperity of the Viking descent on Cheshire in 980 39-44
R. H. M. Dolley Some mis-attributed Fleur-de-lis coins of Harold I 45-47
Ian Stewart An eighteenth-century Manx find of early Scottish sterlings 48-56
John D. Brand Some Short Cross questions 57-69
F. Elmore Jones Norwich or Northampton - a “shortcross” problem 70-72
David Wilmer Dykes The coinage of Richard Olof 73-79
D. M. Metcalf A fourteenth-century deposit from Hull 80-82
R. H. M. Dolley The 1961 find of fourteenth-century silver coins from Mareham-le-Fen in Lincolnshire 83-89
R. H. M. Dolley Two neglected Northumbrian hoards of late 14th-century gold coins 90-93
W. A. Seaby and B. H. I. H. Stewart A fourteenth-century hoard of Scottish groats from Balleny Townland, Co. Down 94-106
C. E. Blunt and R. M. H. Dolley The Witchingham, Norfolk, XV-XVIc. hoard (1805) 107-109
Peter Spufford Burgundian double patards in late medieval England 110-117
Philip Grierson The origins of the English sovereign and the symbolism of the closed crown 118-134
C. E. Challis Southwark mint 1545-1551 135-140
William O'Sullivan The only gold coins issued in Ireland 1646 141-150
J. P. C. Kent Hoard reports: Elizabeth I - Charles I 151-155
M. M. Archibald Four 18th-20th centuries hoard reports 156-163
D. L. F. Sealy The Guernsey eight doubles of 1864 164-167
Miscellanea 168-175
Reviews 176-180
Obituary 181-182
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society 1964 183-187
Presidential Address 188-195
List of Members 1965 196-203
Index 204-206