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1968 (Vol. 37)

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D. F. Allen Celtic Coins from the Romano-British Temple at Harlow 1-6
D. F. Allen Three Notes on Ancient British Coins 7-9
H. E. Pagan A New Type for Beonna 10-15
Ian Stewart Notes on the Intermediate Small Cross and Transitional Crux Types of Ethelred II 16-24
Michael Dolley and S. N. Lane A Parcel of late Eleventh Century Hiberno-Norse Coins found in Northern Italy 25-28
Michael Dolley The Anglo-Norman Coins in the Uppsala University Cabinet 29-34
C. E. Blunt, F. Elmore Jones and P. H. Robinson On some hoards of the time of Stephen 35-42
E. W. Dandon The Nottingham Find of 1880: a Stephen hoard re-examined 43-64
F. Banks The 1868 Hoard from the Albert Dock Lock Pit, Hull 65-72
Herbert Schneider The Significance of the Archaeological Evidence in a Review of a French Hoard of English Gold Coins 73-84
Michael Dolley, Colm Gallagher and W. A. Seaby The Sixteenth Century Coin Hoard from Moig South, Askeaton, Co. Limerick 85-92
C. E. Challis Tower I I 1545-1552 93-97
J. K. R. Murray The Scottish Coinage of 1553 98-109
F. R. Cooper Silver Crowns of the Tower Mint of Charles I : a study of the dies and die combinations 110-137
J. F. C. Kent Hoard Reports XVI-XX Centuries 138-145
R. N. P. Hawkins Supplement I I to Catalogue of the Advertisement Imitations of 'Spade' Guineas and their Halves (BNJ xxxii 1963 and xxxiv 1965) -
F. Pridmore Notes on Colonial Coins: Mr. A. P. Spencer, Artist/Engraver, His Majesty's Mint, Calcutta and the re-designed Coinages of King George VI British India 1938-1947 -
D. V. Deane Modern Coinage Systems -
J. C. Rudge Milled Edges and Counterfeit Florins -
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