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1969 (Vol. 38)

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Title Pages i -ii
Contents iii-iv
H. E. Pagan Northumbrian Numismatic Chronology in the Ninth Century 1-15
M. Dolley The Anglo-Saxon Pennies from the 'Upper Souterrain' at Knowth 16-21
P. H. Robinson The Stafford (1800) and Oulton (1795) Hoards 22-30
P. Woodehead, B. H. I. H. Stewart and G. L. V. Tatler The Loch Doon Treasure Trove, 1966 31-49
M. M. Archibald The Attenborough, Notts., 1966 Hoard 50-83
M. Dolley and W. D. Hackman The Coinages for Ireland of Henry VIII 84-108
M. Dolley and A. Gunstone The Cloncreen Bog (Clonbulloge) Find of Elizabethan Coins from the Co. Offaly 109-112
J. K. R. Murray The Scottish Silver Coinage of Charles II 113-125
R. H. Thompson The Dies of Thomas Spence (1750-1814) 126-162
J. P. C. Kent Three Seventeenth- and Eighteeth-Century Finds 163-166
J. D. A. Thompson The Origin of Spanish Dollars Acquired by Britain, 1799-1805 167-173
S. A. Castle Seven Finds of Sixteenth- to Twentieth-Century Coins 174-180
Miscellanea 181-194
Reviews 195-197
Other Library Accessions 198-199
Proceedings and Exhibitions 200-203
Presidential Address 204-222
The President's Review of the Year 223-225
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1968 228-229
Index 230-231