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1970 (Vol. 39)

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Mary Morehart Some Dangers of Dating Sceattas by Typological Sequences 1-5
F. Elmore Jones Southampton/Winchester Die-Links in Canute's Quatrefoil Type 6-11
H. E. Pagan Robert Austen and the Bank of England Collection 12-18
J. M. Lewis A Short Cross Hoard from Wrexham 19-23
J. Yvon Esterlins á la Croix Courte dans les Trésors Francais de la Fin du XIIc et de la Premiére Moitié du XIIIc siécle 24-60
C. E. Blunt and J. D. Brand Mint Output of Henry III 61-66
Ian Stewart The Long Voided Cross Sterlings of Alexander III illustrated by Burns 67-77
Peter Woodhead Two Finds of Edward Pennies: Caernarvon (1911) and Grittleton (1903?) 78-83
Michael Dolley and Michael K. Murphy An Early Fourteenth-Century Coin Hoard from Co. Roscommon 84-90
J. D. A. Thompson A Heavy Noble of Henry IV from Czechoslovakia 91-97
Michael Dolley A Pattern Shilling Irish of Mary Tudor 98-110
J. K. R. Murray The Scottish Gold and Silver Coinages of Charles I 111-144
F. R. Cooper The English Silver Crowns of James I 145-157
R. A. Farey The 1829 Half-Sovereign 158-161
Miscellanea 162-170
Reviews 171-185
Obituaries 186-188
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, 1970 189-192
Address By Stewart Lyon 193-204
The President's Review of the Year 205-210
List of Members of the British Numismatic Society 30 June 1971 211-221
Index 222-224