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1971 (Vol. 40)

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Michael Dolley and Jaques Yvon A Group of Tenth-Century Coins Found at Mont-Saint-Michel 1-16
C. E. Blunt The Crowned Bust Coinage of Edmund 939-946 17-21
F. Dumas and J. D. Brand The British Coins in the Gisors (1970) Hoard 22-43
M. M. Archibald The Skegby, Notts., 1967 Hoard 44-56
I. Stewart The Dipple and Balgony Finds of Fourteenth-Century Scottish Coins 57-61
J. E. L. Murray The Early Unicorns and the Heavy Groats of James III and James IV 62-96
C. P. Challis The Tudor Coinage for Ireland 97-119
M. M. Archibald The Willesborough, Ashford (Kent) Hoard 120-123
P. H. Robinson The Eighteenth-Century Coin Hoard from Pillaton Hall, Staffs. 124-135
R. H. Thompson The Dies of Thomas Spence (1750-1814): Additions and Corrections 136-138
H. E. Pagan Mr. Emery's Mint 139-170
Miscellanea 171-175
Reviews 176-185
Proceedings and Exhibitions 186-192
Presidential Address and Review of the Year 193-204
List of New Members 205-206
Index 207-208
Series Summary Index (1962-1971) 209-239