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1973 (Vol. 43)

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H. E. Pagan The Bolton Percy Hoard of 1967 1-44
M. Dolley and C. N. Moore Some Reflections on the English Coinages of Sihtric Caoch, King of Dublin and of York 45-59
Marion M. Archibald The Coventry Hoard of Coins of Edward I to Edward III 60-66
R. D. Beresford-Jones The Salutes of of Henry VI 67-79
W. A. Seaby and G. Brady The Extant Ormonde Pistoles and Double Pistoles of 1646 80-95
George Berry and Peter Morley A Revised Survey of the Seventeenth-Century Tokens of Buckinghamshire 96-125
E. G. H. Kempson Indictments for the Coining of Tokens in Seventeenth-century Wiltshire 126-131
J. L. Lant The Jubliee Coinage of 1887 132-141
Miscellanea 142-155
Reviews 156-168
Presidential Address 169-175
Accounts Ended for the Year 31 October 1972 176-177
Index 179-180