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1975 (Vol. 45)

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P. H. Robinson The Savernake Forest Find of Ancient British and Roman Coins (1857) 1-11
Ian Stewart A Numeration of Late Anglo-Saxon Coin Types 12-18
C. E. Blunt and H. E. Pagan Three Tenth-Century Hoards: Bath (1755), Kintbury (1761), Threadneedle Street (before 1924) 19-32
N. J. Mayhew The Aberdeen Upperkirkgate Hoard of 1886 33-50
C. E. Challis Mint Officials and Moneyers of the Tudor Period 51-76
R. H. Thompson Gloucester Farthings 1657-1662 77-91
Miscellanea 92-96
Reviews 97-99
Publications noticed, and Accessions to the Library, 1974 and 1975 100-115
Presidential Address and Review of the Year 116-123
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1974 124-126
Index 127-129