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1976 (Vol. 46)

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D. M. Metcalf Twelves Notes on Sceatta Finds 1-18
Nicholas Lowick The Kufic Coins from Cuerdale 19-28
M. Blackburn and W. A. Seaby The 'Francis' and 'Brand' Parcels of Hiberno-Norse Coins 29-38
C. Wood and P. Woodhead The Montrose Treasure Trove 1973 39-43
D. W. Dykes The Anglo-Irish Coinage of Edward III 44-50
F. R. Cooper The Silver Crowns of Truro and Exeter under Charles I 51-54
Peter P. Gaspar Simon's Cromwell Crown Dies in the Royal Mint Museum and Blondeau's Method for the Production of Lettered Edges 55-63
C. E. Blunt Personal Reminiscences of some Distinguished Numismatists of a Previous Generation 64-74
Miscellanea 75-79
Reviews 80-81
Publications noticed, and Accessions to the Library 82-88
Obituaries (H. H. King and D. F. Allen) 89-91
Proceedings and Exhibitions 92-95
Presidential Address and Review of the Year 96-107
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1975 108-112