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1977 (Vol. 47)

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P. H. Robinson A Local Iron Age Coinage in Silver and perhaps Gold in Wiltshire 5-20
S. E. Rigold The Principal Series of English Sceattas 21-30
S. E. Rigold and D. M. Metcalf A Check-list of English Finds of Sceattas 31-52
Michael Dolley and Tukka Talvio The Regional Pattern of Die-Cutting Exhibited by the First Hand pennies of Aethelraed II Preserved in the British Museum 53-65
Oliver Burrows An Unnoticed Parcel from the 1872 Queen Victoria Street Hoard 66-76
J. D. Brand and J. Duplessy A Parcel from the Montpellier (1934) Hoard 77-91
Ian Stewart Edwardian Sterlings in the 1900 Berscar (Closeburn) Find 92-101
M. B. Sharp The Tower Shillings of Charles I and their Influence on the Aberystwyth Issue 102-113
Marvin Lessen The Cromwell Lord Protector Medal by Simon 114-126
Miscellanea 127-146
Reviews 147-152
Publications noticed, and Accessions to the Library 1977 153-158
Proceedings and Exhibitions 159-160
Presidential Address and Review of the Year 161-166
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1976 167-168
Index 169-171