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1979 (Vol. 49)

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Author Title Pages
Title Pages -
Michael Dolley Roger of Wendover's Date from Edgar's Coinage Reform 1-11
C. E. Blunt Some Doubtful St. Peter Hoards 12-16
Mark Blackburn and Michael Dolley The Hiberno-Norse Element of the List Hoard from Sylt 17-25
Ian Stewart English Coinage in the Later Years of John and the Minority of Henry III Part I 26-41
Martin R. Allen The Carlisle and Durham Mints in the Short Cross Period 42-55
E. R. Duncan Elias The Coinage of Bergerac 1347-1361 56-73
H. Schneider The Tower Gold of Charles I: Problems of Survival Ratios Three New Angel Dies 74-81
Joan E. L. Murray The First Gold Coinage of Mary Queen of Scots 82-86
Marvin Lessen The Cromwell Lord General Medal by Simon 87-98
Noel Wolf The Sovereign Remedy: Touch-Pieces and the King's Evil 99-116
Noel Wolf Appendix (The Sovereign Remedy: Touch Pieces and the King's Evil) 117-121
Miscellanea 122-128
Reviews 129-131
Publications noticed, and Accessions to the Library 1979 132-139
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, 1979 140-142
Presidential Address, 1979 143-146
Report of the Auditors to the Members of the British Numismatic Society 147-148
Index 149-151