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1980 (Vol. 50)

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Paul Robinson The Problematical Find of Ancient British and Gaulish Coins from 'Near Portsmouth' in 1830 1-6
Michael Dolley and Norman Shiel A Carolingian Denarius with a Devonshire Provenance 7-11
H. E. Pagan The 1894 Ballaquayle Hoard: Five Further Parcels of Coins Athelstan-Edgar$ 12-19
D. M. Metcalf Continuity and Change in English Monetary History c.9973-1086 Part I 20-49
Peter Seaby King Stephen and the Interdict of 1148 50-60
Marion M. Archibald The Queenhithe Hoard of late Fifteenth-Century Forgeries 61-66
C. E. Challis The Conversion of Testoons: A Restatement 67-80
Joan E. L. Murray and J. K. R. Murray Notes on the vicit leo Testoons of Mary, Queen of Scots 81-90
Noel Wolf The Sovereign Remedy: Touch Pieces and the King's Evil Part II 91-116
G. P. Dyer and P. P. Gaspar The Striking of Proof and Pattern Coins in the Eighteenth Century 117-127
Miscellanea 128-139
Reviews 140-150
Proceedings of the British Numismatic Society, 1980 151-151
Presidential Address 152-157
Accounts for the Year ending 31 October, 1979 158-160
Series Summary Index Vols. XLI-L (1972-1980) 161-185
Index 186-189