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1984 (Vol. 54)

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Contents -
C. E. King The Unmarked Coins of Carausius 1-9
Andrew Burnett and John Casey A Carausian Hoard from Croydon, Surrey, and a Note on Carausius's Continental Possessions 10-20
Andrew Burnett The Coinage of Allectus: Chronology and Interpretation 21-40
Roger Bland A Hoard of Carausius and Allectus from Burton Latimer 41-50
Norman Shiel Letters of Numismatic Interest Addressed to John Lindsay of Cork 51-62
M. A. S. Blackburn and M. J. Bonser Single Finds of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins - I 63-73
J. J. North Irregular Dies of the Durham Mint c. 1300 74-80
Ian Stewart Bishop Bek and the Durham Coins of Edward I and II 81-85
Michael Mitchiner and Anne Skinner English Tokens c. 1425 to 1672 86-163
B. R. Osborne The Tower Coins of Charles I 164-209
Edward Besly The York Mint of Charles I 210-241
M. J. Bonser and R. H. Thompson Tokens Found in Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, and a Seventeenth-Century Issuer 242-247
Mark Jones The Fothergillian Medal of the Royal Humane Society 248-262
G. P. Dyer and P. P. Gaspar Richard Sainthill and the New Bronze Coinage 263-273
G. P Dyer and Mark Stocker Edgar Boehm and the Jubilee Coinage 274-288
Short Articles and Notes 289-293
Reviews 294-297
Proceedings 298-298
Accounts 299-300
Presidential Address 301-310
Index 311-323