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1985 (Vol. 55)

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M. J. Morehart Female Centaur or Sphinx? On Naming Sceat Types: the Case of BMC Type 47 1-9
Marion M. Archibald The Coinage of Beonna in the Light of the Middle Harling Hoard 10-54
M. A. S. Blackburn and M. J. Bonser Single Finds of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins - 2 55-78
M. A. S. Blackburn The Welborn (Lincs.) Hoard 1980-82 of Aethelred II Coins 79-83
Philip Grierson Domesday Book, the Geld de moneta and monetagium: a Forgotten Minting Reform 84-94
T. G. Webb Ware Dies and Designs: the English Gold Coinage 1465-1485. Part I 95-133
J. Bispham The Base Silver Shillings of Edward VI 134-143
M. B. Mitchiner, C. Mortimer and A. M. Pollard The Chemical Compositions of English Seventeenth-Century Base Metal Coins and Tokens 144-163
C. D. Daines and R. H. Thompson A Hoard of St. Neot's 'Lace-Making' Tokens from Eynesbury 164-168
Christopher Eimer Sir Robert Johnson, the Mint and the Medal Making in Inter-War Britain 169-191
C. E. Blunt Northumbrian Coins in the Name of Alwaldus (Short Articles and Notes) 192-194
Noel Woolf The Sovereign Remedy: Touch-Pieces for the King's Evil - Supplement 195-195
Reviews 196-201
Obituaries 202-204
Proceedings 1985 205-205
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1984 206-207
Presidential Address 1985 208-219
Index 220-222