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1986 (Vol. 56)

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D. M. Metcalf Some Finds of Thrymas and Sceattas in England 1-15
Martin Biddle, Christopher Blunt, Birthe Kjolbye-Biddle, Michael Metcalf and Hugh Pagan Coins of the Anglo-Saxon Period from Repton, Derbyshire, II 16-34
D. M. Metcalf and J. P. Northover Interpreting the Alloy of the Later Anglo-Saxon Coinage 35-63
M. A. S. Blackburn and M. J. Bonser Single Finds of Anglo-Saxon and Norman Coins - 3 64-101
Petery Seaby The Defaced Pennies of Stephen from Sussex Mints 102-107
David Sellwood The Trial of Nicholas Briot 108-123
R. G. Dotty A Mint for Mexico': Boulton, Watt and the Guanajuto Mint 124-147
Philip Attwood The Slade Girls' 148-177
Short Articles and Notes 178-190
Reviews 191-200
(Ian Stewart) Obituary (Lieutenant-Colonel J. K. R. Murray) 201-203
Proceedings 1986 204-204
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1985 205-206
Presidential Address 1986 207-209
Index 210-212