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1987 (Vol. 57)

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M. R. Cowell, W. A. Oddy and A. M. Burnett Celtic Coinage in Britain: New Hoards and Recent Analyses 1-23
D. M. Metcalf Were Earldormen Exercising Independent Control over the Coinage in Mid Tenth Century England? 24-33
W. A. Seaby The Hald Harps of Henry VIII's Irish Coinage 34-46
Joan E. L. Murray The Coinage of the Marians in Edinburgh Castle in 1572 47-54
R. G. Doty Early United States Copper Coinage: The English Coinage 54-76
M. B. Mitchiner, C. Mortimer and A. M. Pollard The Chemical Composition of Nineteenth-Century Copper-Base English Jetons 77-88
Ian Stewart Edward Burns 89-98
Short Articles and Notes 99-121
Coin Register 122-152
Reviews 153-156
Obituaries 157-166
Proceedings 1987 167-167
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1986 168-169
Presidential Address 1987 170-180
Index 181-193