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1988 (Vol. 58)

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Contents -
A. M. Burnett and M. R. Cowell Celtic Coinage in Britain II 1-10
Andrzej Mikolajczyk Anglo-Saxon Coins in Eleventh-Century Poland 11-24
J. J. North A Re-Examination of Classes 7 and 8 of the Short Cross Coinage 25-39
N. J. Mayhew The Aberdeen, St. Nicholas Street, Hoards of 1983 and 1984 40-68
P. Woodhead, D. Cladwell, I. Stewart and C. Wood The Fourteenth-Century Aberdour Treasure Trove (1978 and 1981) 69-83
Nicholas Holmes and David A. Walker A Henry VI/Edward IV Mule Penny from the Leith Hoard 84-89
I. D. Brown and C. H. Comber Portrait Punches Used on the Hammered Coinage of Queen Elizabeth I 90-95
T. H. MCK. Clough and B. J. Cook The 1987 Ryhall Treasure Trove 96-101
Richard Margolis Matthew Boulton's French Ventures of 1791 and 1792: Tokens for the Monneron 102 Freres of Paris and Isle de France 102-109
Ian Stewart English Numismatics - Progress and Prospects 110-122
Short Articles and Notes 123-137
Coin Register 138-164
Reviews 165-172
Proceedings 173-174
Accounts 175-176
Presidential Address 177-189
Index 190-203