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1989 (Vol. 59)

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Contents -
Stewart Lyon Die Estimation: Some Experiments with Simulated Samples of a Coinage 1-12
M. A. S. Blackburn The Ashdon (Essex) Hoard and the Currency of the Southern Danelaw in the Late Ninth Century 13-38
Ian Stewart King John's Recoinage and the Conference of Moneyers in 1208 39-45
Martin R. Allen The Provision and Use of Dies for Short Cross Class V 46-76
D. I. Greenhalgh The Fox Class VII Pence of Edward I 77-83
Ian Stewart Scottish Sterlings from the Middridge Hoard 84-90
I. D. Brown and C. H. Comber Notes on the Gold Coinage of Elizabeth I 91-119
Robert B. K. Stevenson The Bawbee Issues of James V and Mary 120-156
C. E. Challis Mint Officials and Moneyers of the Stuart Period 157-197
R. H. Thompson Central or Local Production of Seventeenth-Century Tokens 198-211
Short Articles and Notes 212-220
Coin Register 221-233
Reviews 234-244
Obituaries 245-249
Proceedings 250-250
Accounts 251-252
Presidential Address 253-262
Index 263-274