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1990 (Vol. 60)

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Author Title Pages
Amanda Chadburn A Hoard of Iron Age Silver Coins from Fring, Norfolk, and some Observations on the Icenian Coin Series 1-12
A. M. Burnett Celtic Coinage in Britain III: The Waltham St Lawrence Treasure Trove 13-28
Henry Loyn Numismatics and the Medieval Historian: a Comment on Recent Numismatic Contributions to the History of England c. 899-1154 29-36
B. H. I. H. Stewart and J. J. North Classification of the Single-Cross Sterlings of Alexander III 37-64
Norman Biggs Coin-Weights in England - up to 1588 65-79
David Symons An Unpublished Hoard of the Great Debasement 80-86
B. J. Cook Four Seventeenth Century Treasure Troves 87-98
H. E. Manville Square Pegges and Round Robins: Some Mid-Eighteenth Century Numismatic Disputes 99-112
F. F. Gilboy Misadventures of a Mint - Boulton, Watt & Co. and the 'Mint for the Brazils' 113-120
Philip Attwood Kathleen Scott: the Sculptor as Medallist 121-129
Short Articles and Notes 130-142
Coin Register 143-163
Reviews 164-166
Obituaries 167-171
Proceedings 172-172
Accounts 173-174
Presidential Address 175-182
List of Members 183-188
Index 189-190
Series Summary Index, vols. 51-60 191-220