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1992 (Vol. 62)

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Contents -
Daphne Briggs, Colin Haslegrove and Cathy King Iron Age and Roman coins from Hayling Island temple 1-62
D. M. Metcalf The Rome (Forum) hoard of 1883 63-96
J. J. North Some unpublished varieties of Edward I, II and III 97-101
Edward Besly The English Civil War mints at Truro and Exeter, 1642-1646 102-153
G. Berry, D. J. Gaunt an R. H. Thompson Two Seventeenth Century token issuers 154-162
Robert Heslip Eighteenth Century Ulster tokens 163-174
Lord Stewartby The Wingate Sale 1875 175-184
A. D. Garrett The Royal Mint: a pursuit of technical and artistic excellence 185-192
Short Articles and Notes 193-200
Coin Register 201-226
Reviews 227-231
Proceedings 232-232
Accounts 233-234
Presidential Address 235-246
Index 247-259