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1993 (Vol. 63)

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David Shotter Coin-loss and the Roman Occupation of North-West England 1-19
Jeffrey P. Maas Of Dies, Design Changes and Square Lettering in the Opening Phase of the Short Cross Coinage 20-52
Martin Allen The Chronology of Short Cross Class Ia 53-58
Marvin Lessen York Annulet Silver Coins of Henry VI 59-64
George C. Boon A Case-History of British Bullion: Cardiganshire Silver and the Feather Coinage 1671-1731 65-83
Edward Besly Recent Coin Hoards from Wales, 1985-1992 84-90
H. E. Manville Additions and Corrections to Thompson's Inventory and Brown and Dolley's Coin Hoards - Part I 91-113
H. E. Pagan Andreas Fountaine Eques Auratus A.A.A.F. III 114-122
Short Articles and Notes 123-132
Coin Register 133-158
Reviews 159-162
Obituaries 163-166
Proceedings 1993 167-167
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1992 168-169
Presidential Address 1993 170-177
Revised Rules for the John Sanford Saltus Medal 178-178
Index 179-181