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1994 (Vol. 64)

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Jeffrey May Coinage and the Settlements of Corieltauvi in East Midland Britain 1-21
Kilian Anheuser and Peter Northover Silver Plating on Roman and Celtic Coins from Britain 22-32
Lord Stewartby (ed.) Four Tenth-Century Notes: Unfinished Work of C. E. Blunt 33-40
N. M. McQ. Holmes Old and New Edwardian Hoards from Scotland 41-69
B. J. Cook Recent Tudor Hoards 70-83
Craig Barclay A Civil War Hoard from Middleham, North Yorkshire 84-98
R. H. Thompson Oxford City Tokens and the Problem of Output 99-113
G. P. Dyer Gold, Silver and Double-Florin 114-125
Short Articles and Notes 126-133
Coin Register 134-163
Reviews 164-170
Obituary 171-172
Proceedings 1994 173-173
Auditor's Report for the Year ended 31 October 1993 174-175
Presidential Address 1994 176-178
Index 179-181