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1996 (Vol. 66)

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Mark Blackburn Hiberno-Norse and Irish Sea Imitations of Cnut's Quatrefoil Type 1-20
W. Johnson Textual Sources for the Study of Jewish Currency Crimes in Thirteenth-Century England 21-32
N. M. McQ. Holmes The Ednam, The Roxburgshire, Hoard (1995) 33-59
G. P. Dyer Thomas Grayham's Copper Survey of 1857 60-66
Mark Stocker The Coinage of 1893 67-86
Lord Stewartby Scottish Coin Collections 87-112
Short Articles and Notes 113-139
Coin Register 1996 140-172
Review Article 173-176
Reviews 177-186
Proceedings 1996 187-187
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1995 188-189
Presidential Address 1996 190-192
Presentation: The Sanford Saltus Medal to Mr. Jeffrey North 193-193
Presentation: The Council Prize to Mr. Martin Allen 194-194
Index 195-206