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1997 (Vol. 67)

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I. D. Brown Active Mints and the Survival of Norman Coins 1-10
J. J. North The Anglo-Irish Half-Pence, Farthings and Post-1290 Pence of Edward I and III 11-19
Eric Harris Die Pairing on the Transitional Coins of Henry IV and Henry V 20-30
Christopher Dyer Peasants and Coins: the Uses of Money in the Middle Ages 31-47
Marvin Lessen The Commonwealth Naval Medals for 1653, by Simon 48-72
G. P. Dyer Quarter-Sovereigns and Other Small Gold Patterns and the Mid-Victorian Period 73-83
Virginia H. Hewitt The Camel that Never Was: British Notes for Ceylon, 1800-1941 84-92
Short Articles and Notes 93-123
Coin Register 1997 124-147
Reviews 148-161
Obituary 162-167
Presidential Address 1997 168-170
Presentation to Professor Philip Grierson 171-171
Proceedings 1997 172-172
Accounts for the Year ended 31 October 1996 173-174
Index 175-184