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1999 (Vol. 69)

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Contents -
G. L. Cottam The 'Cock Bronzes' and Other Related Iron Age Bronze Coins Found Predominantly in West Sussex and Hampshire 1-18
Gareth Williams Anglo-Saxon and Viking Coin Weights 19-36
E. J. Harris and D. R. Griffiths Mercury Plating on Some Early English Coins 37-46
Robin J. Eaglen The Mint of Huntingdon 47-145
B. J. Cook New Hoards from Seventeenth-Century England 146-172
D. W. Dykes John Gregory Hancock and the Westwood Brothers: an Eighteenth-Century Token Consortium 173-186
Glyn Davies The Single Currency in Historical Perspective 187-195
Short Articles and Notes 196-226
Coin Register 1999 227-241
Reviews 242-252
Proceedings 253-253
Trustees' report 254-258
Presidential Address 259-264
Index 265-272