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2001 (Vol. 71)

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Contents -
J. Williams Coin Inscriptions and the Origin of Writing in Pre-Roman Britain 1-17
P. Kiernan The Ritual Mutilation of Coins on Romano-British Sites 18-33
D. M. Metcalf As Easy as A, B, C': The Mint-Places of Early Sceatta Types in the South-East 34-48
J. Graham-Campbell The Dual Economy of the Danelaw. The Howard Linecar Memorial Lecture 2001 49-59
G. Williams Coin-brooches of Edward the Confessor and William I 60-70
Marion M. Archibald The Lion Coinage of Robert Earl of Gloucester and William Earl of Gloucester 71-86
Lord Stewartby Rose Ryals of James I, 1605-17 87-90
Margaret Warhurst, R. Philpott, Susan Nicholson and Julie Edwards Four Seventeenth Century Coin Hoards from Congleton, Cheshire 91-110
N. Biggs Coin-Weights Made by the Founders 111-118
D. W. Dykes John Stubbs Jorden, Die-Sinker and Medallist 119-135
R. J. Eaglen, H. E. Pagan and P. D. Mitchell Coin Tickets in the British Hammered Series 136-157
Short Articles and Notes 158-176
Coin Register 2001 177-188
Review Article: An Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards (R. Reece and P. Guest) 189-198
Reviews 199-208
Presidential Address 2001 209-212
Proceedings 2001 213-214
Trustees' report 215-219
Index 220-230