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2002 (Vol. 72)

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M. A. S. Blackburn and H. Pagan The St Edmund Coinage in the Light of a Parcel from a Hoard of St Edmund Pennies 1-14
R. J. Eaglen Further Coins from the Mint of Huntingdon 15-23
M. R. Allen English Coin Hoards, 1158-1544 24-84
M. R. Allen and S. P. Doolan Finds from Dunwich 85-94
B. J. Cook New Hoards from Seventeenth-Century England II 95-114
A. L. Murray The Scottish Recoinage of 1707-1709 and its Aftermath 115-134
G. Dyer The Currency Crisis of 1797 135-142
H. E. Manville Countermarked Tokens of the Industrial Revolution 143-148
D. W. Dykes The Token Coinage of William Fullarton 149-163
Short Articles and Notes 164-188
Coin Register 2002 189-212
Review Article: Brian J. Danforth, 'St Patrick Coinage', in The Colonial Newsletter 213-216
Reviews 217-223
Presidential Address 2002 224-227
Council Prize 228-228
Proceedings 229-229
Trustees' report 230-234
Index 235-242