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2004 (Vol. 74)

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Contents -
D. M. Metcalf Monetary Circulation in England, c.675-c.710: The Distribution Pattern of Series A, B and C - and F 1-19
M. M. Archibald and M. Dhenin A Sceat of Offa of Mercia 20-27
M. R. Allen The Groats of Edward I 28-38
M. R. Allen Medieval English Die-Output 39-49
P and B. R. Withers The Halfpence and Farthings of Henry VI: A Re-assessment 50-67
P. Mathias Official and Unofficial Money in the Eighteenth Century: The Evolving Uses of Currency. The Howard Linecar Memorial Lecture 2003 68-83
H. E. Manville and P. P. Gaspar The 1787 Shilling - A Transition in Minting Technique 84-101
N. Biggs Provincial Coin-Weights in the Eighteenth Century 102-120
P. Stevens The Reformation of the Coinage of Madras Early in the Nineteenth Century 121-144
N. M. McQ. Holmes The Lindsay Carnegie Collection at the National Museums of Scotland 145-159
D. W. Dykes Some Reflections on Provincial Coinage 1787-1797 160-174
Short Articles and Notes 175-197
Coin Register 2003 198-229
Reviews 230-243
Presidential Address 2003 244-245
Presentation of the Sanford Saltus medal to Mr. Edward Besly 246-245
Proceedings 246-247
Trustees' report 248-253
Index 254-266