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2006 (Vol. 76)

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N. M. McQ Holmes Two Denarius hoards from Birnie, Moray 1-44
E. M. Besly The Rogiet hoard and the coinage of Allectus 45-146
D. M. Metcalf The coinage of King Aldfrith of Northumbria (685-704) and some contemporary imitations 147-159
John Naylor Mercian Hegemony and the origins of Series J sceattas: the case for Lindsey 160-170
Marion Archibald Cotton's Anglo-Saxon coins in the light of the Periesc inventory of 1606 171-203
Mark Blackburn Currency under the Vikings. Part 2: The two Scandinavian kingdoms of the Danelaw, c.895-954 204-226
Stewart Lyon Silver weight and minted weight in England c.1000-1320, with a discussion of Domesday terminology, Edwardian farthings and the origin of English Troy 227-241
Martin Allen The English coinage of 1153/4-1158 242-303
Jessica Freeman Officials and Moneyers at the Tower of London in 1433 304-311
David Symons A pass for the 'Birmingham Theatre', 1774 312-322
Katharine Eustace Britannia: Some high points in the history of the Iconography on British coinage 323-336
Short Articles and Notes 337-363
Coin Register 2006 364-388
Reviews 389-397
Presidential Review 398-400
Proceedings 401-403
Presentation of the Blunt Prize 2005 to Dr. Shailendra Bhandare 404-404
Trustees' report 405-405