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2007 (Vol. 77)

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Rainer Kretz The Coinage of Rues 1-21
Ian Leina Coins in Context: Coinage and votive deposition in Iron Age South-East Leicestershire 22-48
D. M. Metcalf Runic sceatta reading EPA, Types R1 and R2 49-70
Adrian W. Lyons and William A. Mackay The coinage of Aethelred I (865-71) 71-118
Mark Blackburn Currency under the Vikings. Part 3: Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and Scotland in the ninth and tenth centuries 119-149
Elina Screen Anglo-Saxon law and numismatics: A reassessment in the light of Patrick Wormald's the Making of English Law 150-172
Willaim N. Clarke and David Symons The Mint of Aylesbury 173-189
Martin Allen The Proportions of the denominations in English mint outputs, 1351-1485 190-209
Richard Kelleher Gold is the strength, the sinnewes of the world': Continental Gold and Tudor England 210-225
Donal Bateson The Castlecary hoard and the Civil War currency of Scotland 226-245
D. W. Dykes Peter' Skidmore: the man who never was 246-263
Short Articles and Notes 264-269
Short Articles and Notes 2 270-306
Coin Register 2007 307-341
Reviews 342-353
Presidential Review 354-356
Proceedings 357-359
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