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78 (Vol. 2008)

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Contents i-iv
Rainer Kretz The Trinoantian Staters of Dubnovellaunos 1-31
Fran Colman Philology matters to Early Anglo-Saxon money matters 32-37
Adrian W. Lyons and William A. Mackay The Lunettes coinage of Alfred the Great 38-110
Mark Blackburn Presidential Address 2007. Currency under the Vikings. Part 4: The Dublin coinage c.995-1050 111-137
N. M. McQ. Holmes The Scottish copper Crux pellit coinage: A typological analysis 138-176
Pamela Nightingale English medieval weight-standards revisited 177-193
Stewart Lyon Comments on Pamela Nightingale: 'English medieval weight-standards revisited' 194-199
R. J. Eaglen Sarah Sophia Banks and her English Hammered Coins 200-215
Short Articles and Notes 216-260
Coin Register 2008 261-290
Reviews 291-294
President's Review of the Year 2007 295-297
Proceedings 298-300
Trustee's Report 301-306
Constitution 307-313
Index 314-315